Ancient Lakes of Sulawesi

This Shoal is focused on the unique and beautiful flora and fauna of the ancient lakes of Sulawesi. Almost every species on this Indonesian island (about the same size as Florida) is found nowhere else on Earth. At the centre of Sulawesi, and its rich ecology, are its ancient lakes. The lakes of Poso, Lindu, Matano, Towuti and Mahalona hold more than 120 endemic fishes and invertebrates, and many more plant species.

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Endemic Fishes of Madagascar

This Shoal is focused on conservation of Madagascar's incredible, endemic fishes. The island is notorious for the wildlife which has evolved there since it broke away from Africa and the Indian Subcontinent almost 100 million years ago. Even Hollywood has celebrated it! As well as lemurs, baobabs and golden frogs, Madagascar is recognised as a global hotspot for freshwater fishes. To date, 183 species have been found, but each year scientists continue to add to this number.

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