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Diyarbakir (Batman River) loach

Scientific name: Paraschistura chrysicristinae

Range: Batman River, Upper Tigris, Turkey

When last seen: 1974

Suspected reason for disappearance: Unknown: the habitats in the localities it has previously been recorded appear to be of good quality, though the construction of the Batman Dam between 1986-1999 would likely have had negative impacts on the species.

IUCN conservation status: Critically Endangered

Facts: Individual specimens were collected from the Batman and Ambar rivers on 10 May 1974 by Ali Demirsoy and Ali Kelle. Kelle completed the first detailed faunistic study on the fishes of Tigris in 1978 but did not list any new species, including Paraschistura chrysicristinae. Later, he contacted Teodor T. Nalbant who was an expert on loaches, who described the species in 1998.

Size: The species is a dwarf loach, with a standard length of up to 36 mm.