We can bring the Denison’s barb back from the brink (film)

Meet the Denison’s barb

The Denison’s barb is one of the world’s most popular home aquarium fish, and can be found in living rooms from California to Kolkata.

Their striking colours and peaceful nature have put them in high demand for both beginners and expert fishkeepers. But it’s not their popularity that has led to wild populations becoming endangered.

What threats are they facing?

Sand-mining and pollution are causing damage to the fish’s habitat in India’s Western Ghats. The species’ home is under threat.

If we don’t take urgent action to protect and restore the damaged areas, this striking fish could go extinct in the wild in just a few years.

We need your help.

What can we do to help?

With your support, SHOAL and our partners Zoo Outreach, can help bring the Denison’s barb back from the brink.

  • We can raise awareness with the public and government officials in India
  • We can train staff in five airports to recognise the species and monitor the number of fishes leaving for export
  • We can protect the most crucial habitats, providing security, not just for the barb, but for the many other rare and threatened fishes that live in the area

Together we can make a difference.

Every single donation will help give the species a better shot at survival. Donate today at shoalconservation.org.

This film has been created for our Save Denise’s Friends campaign, in support of the Denison’s barb. The campaign is part of SOS: Support Our SHOAL, an innovative approach to freshwater conservation led in partnership with the aquarium hobby and guidance from OATA and Practical Fishkeeping.

SOS: Support our SHOAL empowers individuals and businesses from the aquarist community who want to know how they can help ensure the futures of the species they love. We have loads of resources on our website for everyone from aquarium shops to hobbyists.