Underwater Piraputanga © Michel Roggo

Who are the Strategic Partners?

What is a Strategic Partner?

SHOAL Strategic Partners comprise a group of organisations and institutions that share and support the Shoal Mission: “to halt extinctions and recover populations of freshwater species in the wild” and are willing to actively contribute towards the fulfilment of SHOAL’s principal objectives:

  • To mobilise meaningful action for the conservation of threatened freshwater species.
  • To build capacity of partners to implement impactful freshwater conservation work.
  • To raise awareness of the need for more and better freshwater conservation action.

The role of the Strategic Partners is to contribute, in a coordinated way, towards fulfilling these objectives. With an intentionally small secretariat, the SHOAL Partnership relies upon its partners to each engage in supporting its objectives in their respective areas of expertise and in the geographies where they operate.

It is envisioned that Strategic Partners will be able to contribute to the partnership in a multitude of different ways including:

  1. Outreach and awareness raising
  2. Capacity building and mentoring
  3. In situ conservation of species and important places
  4. Ex situ species conservation
  5. Networking support
  6. Project development
  7. Funding or fundraising support
  8. Coordination, meeting or conference support
  9. Development and maintenance of data and information
  10. Technical and scientific advice
  11. Operational support

Through bringing together the work of each partner organisation, SHOAL also aims to amplify their work, helping partners to achieve their own objectives and to contribute towards freshwater conservation on a global scale.