Fat catfish socio-historial expedition

The socio-historical team have completed their expedition to Lake Tota in the mountains northwest of Bogota, Colombia, and have  submitted reports that shine some light on the mysterious fat catfish. They explore whether an earthquake could have extirpated the species, whether there could be reference to the fish in the design of pre-Colombian Musican jewellery, and even whether the fish wasn’t from Lake Tota at all, but from a different lake more than 100km west of Lake Tota. A handful of villagers local to the lake tell the team stories of how they’ve seen – and, in one case, even eaten – the fish.

No potential leads are left unexplored in Ictiología y Cultura’s thorough research. And, although  their work poses more questions than answers, their conclusion is that the fat catfish may well still be alive and swimming, somewhere in those cold highland waters.

Read the reports to learn more, and watch the video to get an insight into Ictiología y Cultura’s work. There’s even a song about the fat catfish – we dare you to watch it without smiling!

Ictiología y Cultura fat catfish report 1.

Report 1.

Ictiología y Cultura fat catfish report 2.

Report 2.

Fat catfish field work report

Field work report.