Why are we doing it?

Freshwater life is disappearing from the planet at a truly alarming rate. Since 1970, there has been an 84% decline in the populations of monitored freshwater species (WWF 2020). In spite of this, targeted action to conserve freshwater biodiversity is currently limited, as is funding and capacity. Yet there exists a huge community of companies and individuals involved and interested in the freshwater fishkeeping and angling sectors, as well as a large number of public aquaria. Until now, little to no emphasis has been placed on bringing all these actors together, along with conservationists, scientists and the philanthropic community to try to tackle the freshwater biodiversity crisis. It is this paradox, between the appeal of freshwater fish and their critical conservation status, which is the inspiration behind SHOAL.

How we save freshwater species

SHOAL aims to shine a light on freshwater species, preventing their extinction and nurturing the recovery of threatened populations. The partnership will achieve this through supporting and implementing informed conservation action, developing the capacity of organisations to work on freshwater species conservation, and raising awareness about the crisis facing these species and their habitats.