© Mariana A Moscoso

Help us find the fat catfish!

Huge thanks to all of those who have already donated: they have been instrumental in helping us secure the preliminary funding of USD 15,000 that will help us launch the first part of the search for Colombia’s fat catfish. We are now looking to raise this to a total of USD 60,000 and we are calling on you to help bolster our funds to bring this remarkable fish to light. 

Your donations will enable us to increase the scope and timeframe of the search of Lake Tota, facilitate the use of groundbreaking eDNA methods, and allow us to implement a conservation programme to bring the species back from the brink of extinction, should the search be successful.

Why is this exceptional species so fat? It’s one of the biggest mysteries in the world of freshwater fish. No other catfish has the bizarre fatty rings of tissue circling its body. And, with only ten specimens having ever been recorded, all of which are currently in terrible shape (see the photo above), finding the answers has so far proven impossible.

Help us bring clarity to the perplexing questions surrounding this species: donate today at the button below.