New Species 2021 report released

Shoal have today published a landmark new report that outlines the 212 freshwater fish species described in 2021. The ‘New Species 2021’ report dives into detail on a selection of the species – striped and spotted, soft and spiky, bold and timid – in all their magnificent diversity.

An average of four freshwater fish species were described each week last year, proving there is still much for us to learn about what lies under the surface of the planet’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. With around one third of freshwater fish threatened with extinction, it’s a race to discover and describe these species to give them the best possible chance of survival.

New Species 2021 is the first of what will be an annual release of New Species reports, designed not only to highlight the wonderful wildlife, but to celebrate the researchers and taxonomists who work tirelessly to discover and describe species.

New Species 2021